This is our company's book, published a few years back. It's written with the Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller in mind, but the first half of the book has pretty much everything you need to know to get started in robots.

  • No problem! That just means you've got some things to learn - and that's the whole point of this website!
  • Of course, in that case you'll need to do some extra reading to get you up to speed. Here's a possible reading list:‚Äč

A nice introduction to the hardware side of things (it does not cover programming). Written with the beginner in mind.

If you're new to programming or if you're new to programming microcontrollers, this is an excellent book for getting started. Arduino is the microcontroller that most hobbyists use and you can buy an Arduino microcontroller board with programming support for less than $10 - a great way to learn programming.

Background needed for this website

For most of the material at this website, the reader should have, at a minimum, the following background:

  • Mathematics up through algebra, preferably trigonometry
  • A high school physics course covering basic electromagnetics
  • Some programming experience
  • Some soldering experience

What educational background do I need to use this website?

What if I don't have the background?